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Zombie Labs Living Dead Resin is infectiously delicious and hazardously effective. Buyer beware, you’re only going to want more with each flavorful puff! Quality is the first, second and third priority. We are, in fact, made for connoisseurs by connoisseurs (or should we say for stoners by stoners?). Equitable business practices are important to our organization, so we offer ownership to all members of our small team. We are dedicated to having fun in the business of selling weed. From product to swag and giveaways to instagram (start here to check out our origin story), we’re gonna enjoy this adventure and hope to have you with us!

Living Dead Resin

n `{`liviNG ded rezən`}` Origin: West Coast

1.     A blend of live resin and cured resin, commonly used to experience the fullest spectrum of aromas, flavors and effects from the cannabis flower.

2.     Mysterious oil extracted from the cannabis flower, believed to raise the dead, turn limbs to jelly, lower eyelids and initiate the onset of zombification.

Vape Variants

Are Variants just a branded way of saying Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid? Not in this life… Zombie Labs Variants are determined by an in-depth analysis of the complex Terpene and Cannabinoid Profiles. Check out the inside of your packaging for a guide to each variant!